Mentoring & Integration


One of the many reasons associates like working at Robinson Bradshaw is our strong mentoring program that aids in assimilation. All associates are assigned a first-year mentor, and all laterals are assigned a departmental mentor. Mentors help new attorneys meet people within the firm and act as a sounding board for questions regarding work assignments, career development or any other issues that might arise.

In addition, all first-year associates participate in a firmwide rotation. This promotes integration by providing the opportunity to work with attorneys throughout the firm, and it also exposes associates to different types of projects and areas of law. Once new associates join a department, each is assigned a mentor within that department who works with them during their associate years.

Outside the formal mentoring program, many attorneys also receive great value through informal mentors within the firm. Robinson Bradshaw does not publish billable hours, allowing more senior members to spend meaningful time with newer attorneys discussing projects, career development and other important topics. Our “one firm” approach brings each individual into the common enterprise and promotes the development of supportive personal relationships that endure the challenges of practicing law.

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