In the current global economy, commerce knows few boundaries. Cross border transactions have become commonplace, and multinational corporations have expanded their reach through acquisitions and investments into new markets. Credit facilities and capital resources have kept pace with this expansion. Our firm has fashioned its approach to international legal matters with this phenomenon in mind.

International legal practice is inherently multidisciplinary. An international transaction or dispute is rarely confined to a single jurisdiction and rarely governed by a single body of law. Our lawyers with international experience are not confined to a single practice group, and most of our practice groups include lawyers with significant experience in international transactions or dispute resolution. This enables our clients with international legal problems to receive the full benefit of the firm’s collective experience. 

General Representation

We act as general counsel in the United States to foreign-owned businesses. We provide legal advice on matters covered by our various practice groups, including litigation representation and management of litigation matters in the United States. We are regularly involved in tax matters for foreign subsidiaries and branches of U.S. corporations and of U.S. subsidiaries and branches of foreign corporations. Among other things, our tax attorneys have experience advising on tax questions arising in connection with intercompany pricing practices, international joint ventures, international licensing and technology transfers, start-up or dissolution of U.S. operations by foreign companies, and tax treaty matters.

International Commerce and Technology Transfer

We have experience in transactions involving transnational sales of goods and services and the transfer of technology through licensing agreements and otherwise. Such transactions may be affected by the United National Convention for the International Sale of Goods and INCOTERMS, as well as by import and export regulations. We have experience in a wide range of international commercial agreements, including distributorship and agency agreements, joint ventures, patent and know-how licenses, and purchase orders and invoices.

International Litigation and Arbitration

We are experienced in handling litigation and arbitration involving foreign parties in both domestic and overseas jurisdictions and have participated in proceedings before the International Chamber of Commerce and the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® established by the American Arbitration Association. We have advised foreign companies with U.S. operations and investments on ways to reduce exposure to litigation in the United States, including potential claims in the United States against foreign entities based on activities of their U.S. subsidiaries.

Foreign Investment and International Business Transactions

We are actively involved in various aspects of international investment in the United States. These transactions take a number of different forms and include acquisitions of U.S. companies, the establishment of U.S. branches, subsidiaries, partnerships and joint ventures, and the use of cross-border licensing, financing and management agreements. We are positioned to handle all aspects of these matters, including government approvals (Hart-Scott Rodino, Exxon-Florio and filings with other federal agencies), and have experience regarding antitrust, corporate, tax, employment, environmental and other legal questions that arise in connection with these transactions.

Robinson Bradshaw is also actively involved in the representation of U.S. companies that are engaged in projects and transactions in foreign jurisdictions. We often participate with other counsel in acquisitions by large multinational corporations in the United States and abroad.

Our firm also assists in structuring joint ventures of all kinds in the United States and abroad. We counsel clients on the appropriate form of the venture and the relevant tax and other issues that could affect the formation and operation of the venture.

Intellectual Property Matters

Our attorneys have broad experience in intellectual property law and have participated in groundbreaking technology litigation, advised clients on the protection and marketing of technological innovations, assisted in the purchase and sale of technology companies and managed complex regulatory matters. We regularly use this experience to assist clients in protecting intellectual property rights in foreign countries. Particular areas of emphasis include international software and technology licensing and foreign trademark protection.

International Networks

In some instances, we can provide the best service for our clients by combining our efforts with those of other professionals. Our active participation in legal networks has provided us long-standing relationships with other law firms throughout the world, as well as with firms in the United States who have practices devoted entirely to highly-specialized areas such export licensing, immigration, customs and trade-related matters. These relationships enable us to offer particular experience and high quality service to our clients engaged in international legal matters.

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