CISO Executive Network Roundtable: Securing User Behavior


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Oct. 24, 2019
8 a.m. - noon

Robinson Bradshaw
101 N. Tryon St., Suite 1900
Charlotte, NC 28246

Robinson Bradshaw hosted the October breakfast roundtable for the CISO Executive Network Charlotte group. The meeting's theme was "Securing User Behavior." Robinson Bradshaw attorney Allen O'Rourke also presented on recent developments regarding California's CCPA regulations.

The bulk of network and system attacks originate at the endpoint from user accounts. In many cases, the attack is caused by stolen credentials. This attack can be one of the most damaging since the account was issued for a legitimate user initially and so is generally trusted. Sorting out the bad actors among the legitimate users can be challenging. In this series, the roundtable explored the many ways organizations are attempting to solve this problem through User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Endpoint Security, Security Awareness Training, and Identity and Access Management solutions.

Topics discussed in this series included:

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