CISO Executive Network Roundtable: DevSecOps and Application Security


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Dec. 12, 2019
8 a.m. - noon

Robinson Bradshaw
101 N. Tryon St., Suite 1900
Charlotte, NC 28246

Robinson Bradshaw hosted the December breakfast roundtable for the CISO Executive Network Charlotte group. The meeting's theme was "DevSecOps and Application Security." Robinson Bradshaw attorney Allen O'Rourke provided a brief legal update.

Many CISOs admit that they have little understanding of or control over applications. Therefore, application security is often overlooked or minimized. With DevOps being the new standard for most companies, the speed at which applications, websites and systems are developed and updated is overwhelming the limited resources in information security. Typically, development teams have 10 to 20 people working on new services for every one information security person. In this series, the group looked at ways to embed security into the DevOps and application development processes.

Topics discussed in this series included:

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