UNC Charlotte's 21st Annual Cybersecurity Symposium


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Oct. 6, 2020

Via webinar

Allen O'Rourke presented two sessions at UNC Charlotte's 21st Annual Cybersecurity Symposium. In the first session, “Litigation to Disrupt Cyberattacks and Obtain Third-Party Records,” Allen discussed how companies are adding civil litigation to their cyber defense strategy – using subpoenas and court orders to help investigate and mitigate cyberthreats. In addition to explaining this strategy, he provided a case study of the recent federal lawsuit, Microsoft v. John Does 1-2, concerning a widespread cyberattack exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to compromise Office 365 accounts.

Allen also moderated a panel discussion titled “How Banks Combat Business Email Compromise (BEC) Schemes.” This presentation explored the role of banks in responding to and working to prevent business email compromise schemes – a widespread type of cybercrime that tricks victims into misdirecting large payments, often using fraudulent emails. The speakers addressed not only the process of freezing and recovering funds stolen through a BEC scheme, but also their role in efforts to prevent fraudulently misdirected payments and to combat specific BEC threats.

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