NACUA Winter 2024 Virtual CLE Workshop: Employment Law


Practice Areas

Feb. 7-9, 2024

Via webinar

Higher education employment and labor law continues to be ever-changing either through rulings from the courts or changes in regulations or regulatory interpretations. College and university leaders must navigate a complex landscape, one that is evolving in response to technological advances, economic pressures, societal changes, and judicial and legislative shifts. Staying ahead of the curve is not just a matter of compliance; it’s a matter of survival. Robinson Bradshaw litigator Mark Merritt presented at the NACUA's Employment Law Workshop and explored the wave of new regulations and amendments to existing laws that promise to significantly impact the way colleges and universities do business. In addition to exploring this changing landscape, the Workshop highlighted legal developments in some of the more standard areas of employment law practice. Session topics included: 

Other issues discussed included navigating complex retaliation issues, recognizing and addressing faculty and staff free speech issues, and other local/state initiatives that may impact how organizations approach HR issues. Learn more here.

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