Charles Johnson Discusses Workplace Vaccine Mandates with Axios Charlotte



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Aug. 4, 2021

Robinson Bradshaw attorney Charles E. Johnson was quoted in a recent Axios Charlotte article about local employers requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for employees. Many companies are considering a mandate as they move toward returning to the workplace and concerns of the Delta variant are on the rise.

“I think we’ll see an increasing number of employers require a vaccination as that seems to be the best means we have for combating the spread of COVID-19,” Johnson said.

Johnson added that recent activity in the courts supports the legality of vaccine mandates from private and state employers. He also discussed the tension that some employers feel between concerns for safety and concerns for employee morale and turnover.

“Employers want to do the right thing for their employees but also for the community and workforce at large,” Johnson said.

The Axios Charlotte article, “More Charlotte Employers May Begin Mandating Vaccines,” is available here.

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