Charles Johnson Interviewed on Vaccine Mandate Legality



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Aug. 10, 2021

Robinson Bradshaw attorney Charles Johnson spoke with VERIFY about various legal scenarios involving the COVID-19 vaccine. Johnson confirmed that it is permissible for employers to require vaccinated and unvaccinated employees to sit in separate spaces.

“Because they [an unvaccinated individual] cause a greater risk to the workplace, and the public, they can be restricted in their movements and be required, for example, to wear masks or engage in other prescriptive behaviors that would help to prevent the transmission of COVID-19,” Johnson said.

He also weighed in on whether sports venues, teams and leagues can legally require fans to wear face masks at events, noting that it is “entirely appropriate.”

VERIFY is a news organization focused on producing fact-based content and fighting the spread of misinformation on social media. It is owned by TEGNA, one of the country's largest owners of local television stations, including Charlotte’s WCNC.

“Yes, it is legal for an employer to require vaccinated and unvaccinated workers to be separated” is available here, and “Yes, fans can be required to wear masks at sporting events” is available here.

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