Garland Cassada Profiled in Super Lawyers Magazine



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Jan. 24, 2017

North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine profiled Robinson Bradshaw attorney Garland S. Cassada for his groundbreaking approach to determining liability in bankruptcy litigation. Cassada, and the Robinson Bradshaw team representing Garlock Sealing Technologies, realized plaintiffs who claimed their asbestos exposure came only from Garlock products were also making similar claims against multiple other companies. This changed the course of the litigation and saved Garlock over $500 million in settlement fees.

“We called it a ‘bucket in the ocean defense’: that any exposure to Garlock was like a bucket in the ocean of exposures that plaintiffs had to other products,” Cassada said. “We bucked the traditional notion that a company’s liability should be measured by the amount of settlements it’s paid historically, and favored a merits-based approach. It provides a precedent for a better way to measure a company’s responsibility for claims when they’re facing mass litigation.”

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