John Conley Discusses Privacy Laws in Bloomberg Law



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May 29, 2019

John Conley commented on the rising number of state privacy laws affecting research in a recent article from Bloomberg Law. Companies already navigate multiple federal and international privacy statutes, and now many states are beginning to pass or draft their own versions of privacy laws. Conley weighed in on this puzzle, noting that adding state laws to the three overarching regulations – the Common Rule, HIPAA and GDPR – may be a burden, especially for biomedical researchers who operate across state lines.

"Those three sets of requirements are different, but the principles are generally the same," he said. "Now, if you start injecting potentially 50 state views on research into the mix, inevitably, life gets more complicated."

A subscription is required to view the article in full. "Patchwork of Privacy Laws Muzzle Medical Studies Across States" is available here.

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