Julian Wright Discusses Affordable Housing Case with NPR



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Feb. 17, 2020

Robinson Bradshaw attorney Julian Wright was quoted by WFAE, Charlotte's local NPR station, about a victory in an ongoing affordable housing legal battle. Robinson Bradshaw represents former tenants of Lake Arbor Apartments in the high-profile case. The tenants have filed a class action against the property owners for illegally collecting rent and fees while the apartments were in squalid condition and failing repeated city of Charlotte housing inspections. A judge recently attached property of the defendant landlords, including putting a lien on the apartment complex itself in anticipation of a likely sale. The attached property is sufficient to satisfy a potential legal judgment in the case of up to $1.3 million against the defendant landlords should the tenants eventually prevail.

"The out-of-state defendants can't simply take their money that they get from the sale of the property and park that somewhere that potentially our clients wouldn't have access to it," Wright told WFAE.

The WFAE article, "With Lake Arbor About to be Sold, Judge Backs Tenants' Legal Request," is available here.

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