Cyber Security Litigation – Claims, Defenses & Defendants



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June 27, 2016
1-2:15 p.m.

The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education
100 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

What if despite your conscientious efforts, PHI or other protected data is released or exposed, whether through employee error, internal intentional misconduct, or hostile attack from outside? What is the risk that litigation will ensue? What bases for relief exist under applicable statutory and common law for plaintiffs, and what are some of the available strategies and remedies for plaintiffs’ attorneys, including class action suits, and what are some key defensive strategies that can be pursued before or after a breach has occurred.

Robinson Bradshaw attorneys John Conley, Mark Hiller and Dickson Phillips participated on a panel addressing these questions at the 2016 Academic Medical Center Security & Privacy Conference. The panel, "Cyber Security Litigation – Claims, Defenses & Defendants," focused on the following objectives:

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