Civic and Corporate Boards: Pathways to Women's Leadership


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May 12, 2016
4-6:30 p.m.

Vin Master
2000 South Blvd. #610
Charlotte, NC 28203

Dianne Chipps Bailey was a featured speaker at "Civic and Corporate Boards: Pathways to Women's Leadership," a women's event with the Charlotte chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel. The event was hosted by Robinson Bradshaw.

Bailey and Jennifer J. Winstel explored how board service benefits both female directors and the institutions they serve. They discussed the legal and practical expectations of board service and offered strategies to build the skills needed to effectively serve on both types of boards. The conversation included tips to ensure a smooth transition onto a new board with a particular focus on personal and professional risk management. Finally, they offered an insiders' view into the successful navigation of the civic and corporate board recruitment process.

This event was for ACC members only.

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