The Evolving Antitrust Landscape from the Enforcers' Perspective



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Feb. 13, 2020
10:25-11:55 a.m.

North Carolina Bar Center
8000 Weston Parkway
Cary, NC 27513

Greg Skidmore moderated a panel at the North Carolina Bar Association's 2020 Antitrust & Complex Business Disputes Law Section Annual Meeting. The meeting's theme was "Core Curriculum for Complex Business Litigators," and Skidmore's session was titled "The Evolving Antitrust Landscape from the Enforcers' Perspective."

Two experienced antitrust enforcers — a current Federal Trade Commission attorney and a former state enforcer now in private practice — examined recent initiatives, investigations, theories and major enforcement actions by the Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission and multiple state attorneys general. The discussion provided insight on these developments and shed light on the enforcers' priorities, which proves clients regarding their business deals and operations.

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