Crash Course in Board Essentials


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Dec. 1, 2015

ASC Board Room
Arts & Science Council
227 West Trade Street, Suite 250
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Dianne Chipps Bailey spoke at the Arts & Science Council's "Crash Course in Board Essentials." Whether you are a new board member or a seasoned volunteer looking for a refresher on best practices, this workshop was for you!

As volunteer leaders, board members play a critical role in the success of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and have significant legal and ethical responsibilities to their constituents, staff, and communities. Strong, knowledgeable boards help organizations gain credibility, provide important access to the community, and serve as effective advocates.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes take several months or even years of service before board members begin to function effectively in their leadership roles. This workshop was designed to help speed up the learning curve for existing board members who may not have had the opportunity to participate in ASC's Cultural Leadership Training Program by providing valuable information near the start of the new board year. CLT alumni interested in a "refresher" course were also welcome to attend.

Participants received top nonprofit expertise in a compressed information format and training that gave immediate comfort as a more productive, high contributing board leader.

Topics included:

NOTE: This workshop targeted existing board members only, and was not open to professional staff.

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