Fundraising - Top Ten Emerging and Persisting Legal Issues


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THE Foundations Seminar 2012

Aug. 26-28, 2012

Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel
31 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, Indiana

Raising money is priority #1 for fraternal foundations. Foundation executives and board members must be mindful of legal compliance matters, however, when pursuing their often aggressive fundraising goals. In this session, Dianne Chipps Bailey of Robinson Bradshaw discussed the most important legal compliance issues facing fraternity foundations when they solicit charitable contributions. Some of these issues are new; some are here to stay! The top ten emerging and persisting legal compliance issues in foundation fundraising include gift acceptance policies, charitable solicitation registration and disclosures, UPMIFA, local and national raffles, gift agreements, third party fundraising events, commercial co-ventures, CHIA, and recordkeeping. Dianne, as always, will welcome your questions during this interactive session designed for seasoned development professionals and newcomers alike.

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