Nuts and Bolts of Equity Joint Ventures



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April 2, 2014
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Byron's Southend
101 W. Worthington
Charlotte, North Carolina

Matt Churchill co-presented best practices in structuring and documenting equity joint ventures, covering key topics on joint venture formation. The presentation addressed economic provisions such as capital contribution requirements and related default remedies, debt financing issues and distribution and allocation matters. The presentation also covered management and governance issues, from fiduciary duties and related indemnification and exculpation provisions, to voting and supermajority consent structures, to deadlock resolution. Transfer restrictions and voluntary and involuntary exit/purchase rights were also explored, along with strategies to address noncompetition and affiliate relationship issues. Each attendee received a copy of Robinson Bradshaw’s Joint Venture Handbook that provides a business-oriented review of the key business terms of equity joint ventures.  The event was sponsored by the Association of Corporate Counsel - Charlotte Chapter.

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