Dianne Chipps Bailey Featured in Women & Wealth Magazine


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Dec. 6, 2016

Women & Wealth Magazine’s December issue covered a recent Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. roundtable discussion about philanthropy that included Robinson Bradshaw attorney Dianne Chipps Bailey. Participants discussed recent trends, focusing efforts, impact philanthropy and measuring philanthropic results. Bailey weighed in on philanthropic differences between men and women, the importance of a philanthropic mission statement, conducting due diligence on organizations before donating, and what she’s learned from a decade of board service.

Bailey also offered a piece of advice for all donors: “The best place to start is with gratitude. I find that if people approach their philanthropy with gratitude, they look at it not from a place of scarcity, but from a place of abundance. Gratitude is rocket fuel to move your philanthropy forward.”

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