Russell Robinson II Profiled by Business North Carolina



Feb. 2, 2023

Business North Carolina featured Russell Robinson II in its series "Pillars of NC." As one of Robinson Bradshaw's founding partners, Robinson had a vision for a law firm that truly put clients first.

Robinson explains, "In the spirit of collegiality, mutual trust and respect, we decided against reporting to each other the billable hours recorded by any lawyer. Likewise, we decided against 'origination credits,' removing any barrier to teamwork."

The article covers Robinson's approach to practicing law; his diligent work on "Robinson on North Carolina Corporation Law," the premier treatise on corporation law; as well as his extensive board and committee service that helped shape the community and state at large.

Robinson's partners also shared anecdotes and fond memories of working alongside him. “To know someone or to work with someone and see how excellent, how hard-working they are, how great they are in every respect ... And yet, at the same time, to be so humble to say, even though he’s the one who spent five years of his life reading 800 or 900 North Carolina Supreme Court decisions on corporate law going back to the 1790s, ‘I couldn’t possibly take credit for that.’ Nobody else did that; he did that,” says Managing Partner Allen Robertson. 

To read "Pillars of NC: Russell Robinson II tells how he wrote an essential book on securities law as he built a firm," visit Business North Carolina.

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