John Conley Comments in GenomeWeb on Pending Wrongful Death Suit



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April 7, 2017

Robinson Bradshaw intellectual property attorney John Conley discussed the potential implications of an ongoing wrongful death suit in a recent GenomeWeb article. In question is whether a genetic testing laboratory is considered a licensed health care provider under South Carolina state law, the answer to which will determine how the negligence case may proceed. Conley noted that the narrow scope of the question in this case may limit other states’ ability to use the answer as precedent.

The article also cites Conley’s Genomics Law Report blog post about the case. The Genomics Law Report is a publication of Robinson Bradshaw. 

The full GenomeWeb article, “Wrongful Death Suit Awaits Input From South Carolina Supreme Court,” is available here. More comments from Conley on this case, Williams v. Quest/Athena, are available here and here.

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