Robinson Bradshaw Diversity Fellows Share Experience with Law360



Aug. 24, 2021

This summer marked Robinson Bradshaw’s inaugural Diversity Fellowship program. The firm’s first two fellows, Gregg Hill and James Street, shared their experiences in a recent Law360 article.

Gregg Hill: “Of course, the financial help with law school is extremely helpful, but the fellowship means so much more. Going into law school, I understood that my first-year internship was very important. I have succeeded academically my whole life, and although the first-year law school experience was very challenging, I was more focused on the summer internship and having a good start to my legal career.

Receiving the fellowship made me feel like I belonged and that I was on the right track. I remember getting the call from [Robinson Bradshaw's Recruitment Committee Chair] Adam Doerr with the fellowship offer, and it was truly one of the best days I had during the year. In addition, it meant a lot to me that Robinson Bradshaw emphasizes increased minority representation and is a firm that understands the value of diversity.”

James Street: “As a Black and Tuscarora first-generation student, the information that I have about the legal profession is very limited in comparison to the information that other law students have. Fortunately, fellowships like the one Robinson Bradshaw offers help tear down the wall that stands between students from disadvantaged backgrounds and the information that is indispensable to an equal career foundation.

The scholarship also gave me much-needed financial relief after the COVID-19 pandemic and ensured that I could participate fully in the summer program without any monetary barriers. Because I used the scholarship in part to finance summer housing, I was able to explore many areas of Charlotte, get involved with local communities, and get a head start in choosing where I would live. Without the fellowship, my summer would not have been as enriching as it was. Words promoting diversity are one thing; but actions promoting diversity make the real difference in students' lives.”

The article, “In Their Words: Diversity Fellowships Make A Difference,” is available here. A subscription is required to view the article in full.

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