Robinson Bradshaw Named A Top U.S. Corporate Firm by Forbes


Practice Areas

Oct. 3, 2019

Forbes released its inaugural list of top U.S. corporate law firms, along with an accompanying article that touts Robinson Bradshaw as an exemplary firm.

"Another notable phenomenon in the legal world is the rise of regional firms that punch above their weight," the article said. "They may have only an office or two, and may concentrate on serving clients in their geographical area and in particular industries, but their importance is enormous. For example, Robinson Bradshaw in North Carolina—which does M&A, commercial litigation and antitrust work—has just three offices but boasts international clients including Verizon Communications."

The list recommends Robinson Bradshaw for corporate governance law. Robinson Bradshaw is one of only 21 firms recommended for that practice area out of the list's 243 firms.

Find the Forbes article here and the law firm list here.

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