Robinson Bradshaw Petitions N.C. Supreme Court in Pro Bono Tenant Dispute



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Oct. 23, 2019

Robinson Bradshaw has submitted a petition for discretionary review to the North Carolina Supreme Court in a pro bono matter involving a landlord-tenant dispute. Robinson Bradshaw is asking the Court to review a lower court decision allowing the firm's client to be evicted from her home in a Raleigh public housing community without notice of a specific reason for the eviction and without an opportunity to confront and cross-examine other tenants who submitted complaints to her landlord.

"Those rulings mean that every public housing tenant in North Carolina now faces the prospect of losing his or her home without bedrock protections of due process," the petition said.

The petition asks for review on the grounds that the lower court decision threatens the procedural rights of public housing tenants across the state and conflicts with precedent.

Robinson Bradshaw attorneys Erik R. Zimmerman and Ethan R. White represent the tenant in the case, in partnership with Legal Aid of North Carolina.

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