Robinson Bradshaw’s Sabbatical Policy Featured in Charlotte Ledger



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Oct. 23, 2023

The Charlotte Ledger featured Robinson Bradshaw’s paid sabbatical program in a recent article about the benefits of similar corporate policies. The firm offers eligible attorneys a three-week period of time off on a rotating schedule. The policy is intended to provide attorneys the opportunity to completely unplug from work responsibilities and instead to rest and reconnect with loved ones.

“We want to have great relationships as a lawyer, and we work together day in and day out,” said Robinson Bradshaw’s managing partner, Allen Robertson. “But if you are going to be a whole person, you need relationships with family and friends, and if you don’t make the time, you’re not going to be happy as a lawyer.”

The Ledger also spoke with Robinson Bradshaw attorney Laurie Smith Helms who recently used her sabbatical to visit Europe with her husband, retreat to the mountains by herself, and take her son and friends to the beach. Helms shared the intangible benefits of getting out from behind her desk.

“From a mental health perspective, it is very beneficial to have that time truly away, not to be tethered to the phone,” she said. “I appreciate that in offering this program the firm is taking a longer-term view.”

The article, “Charlotte law partner says paid sabbatical rejuvenated her; programs are rare and can be tricky to implement,” ran in the Oct. 11 edition of the Charlotte Ledger newsletter.

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