Robinson Bradshaw Wins in N.C. Supreme Court for Pro Bono Tenant



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March 15, 2021

Robinson Bradshaw secured a victory in the North Carolina Supreme Court in a pro bono matter involving a landlord-tenant dispute. Robinson Bradshaw petitioned the Court to review a lower court decision allowing the firm's client to be evicted from her home in a Raleigh public housing community without notice of a specific reason for the eviction. The state Supreme Court ruled in Robinson Bradshaw’s client’s favor, finding that the Raleigh Housing Authority failed to meet its duty to inform the tenant of the reason for eviction. The lease termination notice only stated the provision of the agreement that the tenant allegedly violated but did not supply information about the specific grounds on which that decision was formed. The Court remanded the case back to the trial court for dismissal.

Robinson Bradshaw attorneys Erik R. Zimmerman and Ethan R. White represented the tenant in the case, in partnership with Legal Aid of North Carolina.

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