Angie Vincent-Hamacher, Amanda Nitto Discuss Mentorship



Feb. 22, 2018

Robinson Bradshaw attorneys Angie Vincent-Hamacher and Amanda Pickens Nitto are not just colleagues. Vincent-Hamacher also serves as a trusted mentor to Nitto. In a Charlotte Agenda article about the value of mentorship, Nitto shared that Vincent-Hamacher's guidance has helped her find a "pathway to success."

"Experience is an invaluable tool, and I am fortunate she shares her experience with me," Nitto said. "I am learning from someone who has already arrived at where I want to be."

Vincent-Hamacher also commented on the reciprocal relationship between the two attorneys.

"It gives me great pride to see my mentee succeed professionally and personally," Vincent-Hamacher said. "If she succeeds, I succeed. If she wins, I win."

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