Women's History Month: Travis Hinman



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March 5, 2020

In celebration of Women's History Month, Robinson Bradshaw is highlighting women from the firm throughout March. Meet Travis Hinman, a litigator in the firm's Charlotte office.

Describe what you do at Robinson Bradshaw.

I advise and represent businesses in complex litigation at the state and federal levels. I also represent employers in proceedings before state and federal employment commissions across the country and advise companies on compliance with a variety of labor and employment laws. In addition to my day-to-day practice, I am fortunate that Robinson Bradshaw supports my pro bono efforts, which focus on representing clients in appellate proceedings.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I enjoy bringing practical, rational judgment to bear on situations that, for clients, can feel like crises. I also love that practicing law requires learning and adapting on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis and provides opportunities to learn clients' businesses while representing their legal interests.

What advice do you have for other women in the workplace?

Build relationships across perceived boundaries. We can learn from one another's perspectives and experiences, and the more we get to know each other the more we realize we aren't all that different.

Who is your female role model and why?

My mom. She exemplifies hard work, high standards and humility. She taught me the importance of education as a way to see and understand the world and to create better opportunities for myself and my family. I watched her juggle home, work, school (as she pursued a second career in education while working), church and community involvement, and many other obligations, all with selflessness and a sense of humor. She continues to teach me what it means to consider others greater than myself. My mom sacrificed more than I know to give me every opportunity to learn, grow and succeed, and I am grateful for her.

Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn't learn from your website bio.

My idea of the perfect day is to be outside hiking in the North Carolina mountains with my husband, Frazer, and our rescue dog, Ivey.

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