2015 Business Law Institute



Practice Areas

Feb. 19, 2015

Pinehurst Resort & Spa
80 Carolina Vista Drive
Pinehurst, North Carolina

Robinson Bradshaw's Benjamin W. Baldwin and Patrick S. Bryant participated in the 2015 Business Law Institute held in Pinehurst on February 19, 2015. 

Pat spoke on "The JOBS Act - Public and Private Capital Raising Reform." The JOBS Act has been heralded by many as a game changing piece of legislation that would greatly ease the burden of capital raising for smaller companies in both the public and private sectors. This presentation gave an overview of the JOBS Act, discussed its impact on public and private capital markets, provided an update on unfinished items on the rule-making agenda and assessed the extent to which the JOBS Act has achieved its objectives.

Ben served as co-planner for the event.  

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