How To Manage Litigation Risk Before It Even Arises



Practice Areas

Aug. 18, 2020
12:30-2 p.m.

Via webinar

Every lawsuit has one. The vague contract language that doesn’t quite say what the parties meant. The “bad” email filled with venting and speculation. The communication that *should* have been privileged, except that it was shared with a third party. Whatever it is, there is always something that litigators wish they could change about a case, if only they could turn back time. This CLE aimed to do the next best thing. Robinson Bradshaw attorneys Travis Hinman, Mark Merritt, Matt Sawchak and Gabe Wright offered practical advice about how to draft contracts and manage internal company communications so that, if a dispute later arises, your company will be best positioned to prevail. The CLE took a realistic approach and suggested ways for counsel to do the best under the circumstances, when following the "best" practice is not practical.

This presentation was for members of the Association of Corporate Counsel's Charlotte Chapter.

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