The Power of a Good Story: Bringing Narrative Power to the Advocacy of Every Business Dispute



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Jan. 11, 2023
Noon-1:30 p.m.

Byron's South End
101 W. Worthington Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28203

For most lawyers, analyzing a legal problem rightly focuses on dissecting the material facts, applying the right law and reaching a sound, supportable legal conclusion. It’s never too early in any dispute to start thinking about a story that sells. Whether it's informally making an argument to opposing counsel in a business transaction, seeking technical legal relief from a panel of arbitrators, or delivering a plea for justice to a jury, finding the right story can make the difference between persuasive advocacy and ... something else. 

Robinson Bradshaw litigators Stephen Cox, Robert Harrington and John Wester presented on the role that narrative techniques play in the resolution of ordinary and extraordinary legal disputes.

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