“Attorney, Artist, Activist” Preetha Suresh Rini Profiled in Super Lawyers Magazine



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Jan. 14, 2022

Preetha Suresh Rini is an attorney of many talents. In addition to her litigation practice at Robinson Bradshaw, Rini runs a small business with her husband, selling her artwork of historical figures, skylines and dogs, among other things. She also designs prints to support her personal passions and advocacy causes, including COVID-19 relief in India and Black Lives Matter.

“I think of myself as an attorney, artist, activist,” Rini told North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine. “With the print shop, I get to combine all three.”

Rini also shared how she finds synergy between her artistic pursuits and her law practice.

“A lot of the things I get excited to draw are lawyer things, like my RBG print or my Constitution print,” Rini said. “But I’m also running a small business, and now truly understand the small-business things a lawyer would handle – licensing, insurance, vendor agreements. It really informed my lawyer sense.”

The North Carolina Super Lawyers Magazine article is available here.

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