Charlotte Observer Covers Updates in COVID-19 Relief Lawsuit



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Dec. 3, 2020

The Charlotte Observer published an article featuring the COVID-19 relief lawsuit filed pro bono by Robinson Bradshaw on behalf of Legal Aid of North Carolina, the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy and several low-income state residents. As a result of the suit, a judge recently ordered the North Carolina Department of Revenue to extend the deadline for low-income families to apply for the $335 Extra Credit Grants coronavirus relief aid. More information about the suit is available here.

Eligible North Carolina families now have until 2 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 7, to apply for the relief, which is intended to help alleviate costs associated with remote learning and childcare needs as a result of the pandemic. Robinson Bradshaw attorney Adam K. Doerr shared with the Observer that more than 10,000 families have applied for the aid since the process was reopened. Families can find more information and apply at

The Charlotte Observer article, “NC Parents Have Until Monday to Apply for a $335 COVID-19 Relief Payment. Here’s How,” is available here.

More media coverage on the lawsuit is available at the following sources:

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