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Government litigation differs from other litigation. Legal issues that rarely come up in private litigation, such as sovereign immunity, are often pivotal in government-related cases. Agencies can often demand pre-lawsuit discovery through grand-jury subpoenas, civil investigative demands and other means. Likewise, government agencies face greater scrutiny of their actions than most private litigants do. This scrutiny can include public-records requests, executive and legislative oversight, and media coverage. Finally, even the endgame can differ: Government lawsuits go to judgment or appeal more often than private lawsuits do.

For the government litigation group at Robinson Bradshaw, the special features of government lawsuits are familiar territory. We regularly represent businesses in lawsuits with government agencies, and we also represent government agencies themselves. Our experience covers North Carolina's executive branch and many of the state's independent regulatory agencies. Our team includes the most recent solicitor general of North Carolina.

To handle government lawsuits efficiently, a lawyer needs to think and act strategically. Some government lawsuits are destined for appeal, but others can be defeated at the threshold or settled on reasonable terms. Robinson Bradshaw's experience on both sides of government lawsuits helps us understand which cases fall into each category.

Put our experience to work for your business or agency by contacting any member of our practice group.


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