Robinson Bradshaw Secures Court of Appeals Decision Upholding Verdict of Charter School Funding



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Nov. 11, 2015

The North Carolina Court of Appeals issued a decision last week in favor of three charter schools represented by Robinson Bradshaw in a dispute over how to apply statutes governing student funding. The decision upholds a trial court verdict against Cleveland County Schools, which found CCS had improperly classified moneys as “restricted” and failed to share them with students attending charter schools. Because these moneys were available to K-12 students in district schools, the court ruled they must be shared.

Prior to this case, the Court of Appeals had not addressed what moneys qualify as restricted and thus may be placed in separate funds. The decision, which follows several years of trial and appellate proceedings, is the latest in a line of decisions Robinson Bradshaw has obtained in favor of charter schools on the issue of equitable funding. Robinson Bradshaw attorneys Richard Vinroot, Matthew Tilley and Amanda Pickens represented the schools both at trial and on appeal.

A copy of the full opinion can be found in the sidebar under Related Materials. To read more about the case, please visit The News & Observer

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