Representations and Warranties Insurance: The Good, The Bad and The Murky



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Nov. 13, 2015
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Robinson Bradshaw
101 N. Tryon Street, Suite 1900
Charlotte, North Carolina

R. Steven DeGeorge and Kelly L. Loving participated as panelists at the North Carolina Bar Association Corporate Counsel Lunch and Learn, "Representations and Warranties Insurance: The Good, The Bad and The Murky."  

Insurance coverage for breaches of contractual representations and warranties has become a regular issue for buyers and sellers in negotiated business transactions. These policies can cover a wide range of business-related matters, from environmental exposures to tax risks to intentional fraud. However, their limitations, exclusions and restrictions are often as varied in nature and application, which can ultimately mean the difference between a good and a bad deal. Moreover, there is scant case law construing and enforcing these policies, creating added uncertainty for insurers and policyholders alike. Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of this coverage, plus several practical insights, from this panel of seasoned legal and insurance professionals.

The program was held in Robinson Bradshaw's Charlotte Office. 

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