Robinson Bradshaw Files Amicus Brief for N.C. Governor in Voter ID Case



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July 23, 2020

Robinson Bradshaw filed an amicus brief on behalf of North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper in a case involving the implementation of a state law requiring voters to provide a photo ID. The governor argues that an injunction that bars the law from being implemented before the 2020 election should stay in place.

The brief notes that not only is the law itself unconstitutional and discriminatory, but that to make such a sweeping change so close to the election cycle is unlawful and virtually impossible. It would cause voter confusion and suppression and require compliance with impossible, yet legally required, deadlines.

"Together, these issues would present the largest election administration challenges the State has ever faced—and during a general election with the presidency, a senate seat, and state-government races on the ballot," the brief states.

In addition, to implement the law in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic would exacerbate the health crisis that the state is already facing and would further complicate the efforts that are being made to allow voters to participate safely in the democratic process. The brief argues implementing the photo ID law now would leave officials scrambling to train workers and would create chaos and delays at the polls – needlessly putting thousands of North Carolinian lives at risk.

"To preserve the voting rights of North Carolinians, prevent irreparable harm, and protect the public interest, this Court should affirm the preliminary injunction entered by the district court."

Robinson Bradshaw attorneys Robert E. Harrington, Adam K. Doerr, Erik R. Zimmerman and Travis S. Hinman represent Gov. Cooper in the brief. A copy of the brief is available here.

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