The Washington Post Quotes Robinson Bradshaw Brief on Voter Discrimination



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Sept. 11, 2020

A federal appeals court is examining North Carolina's voting requirement that civil rights groups and the governor say discriminates against minority voters and endangers public health. The provision has been blocked by federal and state judges.

In the article “Court to examine North Carolina's new law that requires photo IDs for voting,” The Washington Post quotes a brief filed by Robinson Bradshaw on behalf of Gov. Roy Cooper:

“Lifting the injunction now would be disastrous,” lawyers for the governor told the judges in court filings. “The brunt would be borne by the same voters whom S.B. 824 targeted for disenfranchisement in the first place: minority voters who are both least likely to possess photo IDs that satisfy S.B. 824 and most vulnerable to COVID-19.”

Gov. Cooper is represented by Rob Harrington, Adam Doerr, Erik Zimmerman and Travis Hinman.

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