Attorney Benefits


At Robinson Bradshaw, we provide a comprehensive employee benefits package that includes:

Profit-Sharing 401(k) Plan

All full-time firm employees participate in the firm’s qualified profit-sharing plan. For decades, the firm has contributed to each participant’s account an amount equal to 10 percent of the employee’s regular cash compensation. These contributions are fully vested immediately. A new employee becomes eligible to participate after one year of employment, but receives a contribution with respect to all compensation paid during the calendar year in which that eligibility requirement is met. The plan also has a 401(k) feature, and employees may make voluntary, pre-tax and after-tax contributions, subject to applicable limits. Employees direct the investment of their accounts and may borrow from their accounts. The plan accepts rollovers from other qualified plans.

Moving Expenses

We will cover up to $2,000 in expenses incurred moving household goods to Charlotte.

Bar Preparation and Examination Fees

The firm covers all expenses associated with bar preparation courses and bar examination fees.


Medical, dental and pharmacy coverage is provided by the firm’s self-insured plan.

Flexible Spending Account

This benefit plan allows employees to fund Dependent Care and certain unreimbursed Medical Expenses on a pre-tax basis through payroll deductions.

Life Insurance

Our life insurance coverage begins on the date of hire. Lawyers receive life insurance in the amount of their annual salaries (up to $150,000) at no cost, and may purchase supplemental life coverage up to $500,000 with no health statement (age-based premiums).

Long-Term Disability

Our coverage begins on the date of hire. A benefit of 60 percent of monthly salary is provided up to $15,000 (offset by social security benefit). There is a 90-day waiting period from the time the disability begins before benefits are paid.

Short-Term Disability

After one year of continuous service, a salary continuation program goes into effect during the long-term disability plan’s 90-day waiting period.

Parental Leave

Attorneys who have completed one full year of continuous employment are eligible for paid parental leave to care for the attorney's newborn child or newly adopted or foster child.


Lawyers are entitled to three weeks of vacation annually.


The firm provides funds to pay for continuing legal education programs. The North Carolina State Bar requires that each lawyer complete a minimum of 12 hours of course credit per year.

Bar Association Dues

The firm pays the lawyers’ dues for membership in the bars and bar associations at the national, state and local levels.

This data is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to change.

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