Regulated Professions



Regulated professions operate in complex legal environments, facing unique challenges that vary across industries. Robinson Bradshaw has deep expertise in those settings, both in the Carolinas and nationally.

Our clients range from national testing organizations to state agencies, and from regulated professionals to investors. To serve these clients, we combine our expertise in business transactions, health care regulation, trial and appellate litigation, and antitrust.

In transactions, we help our clients seek long-term business success. Our knowledge of the regulatory environment helps our clients structure their transactions effectively and avoid compliance problems.

We also help clients avoid and resolve disputes in regulated fields. Because we have represented regulators and regulated parties alike, we can chart an accurate course through these controversies. Our experience includes the prosecution and defense of disciplinary cases, challenges to the validity of regulations, disputes with clients and business partners, and antitrust lawsuits.

We study our clients’ needs from all angles. Our multispecialty approach helps our clients act with confidence.


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